Wednesday, January 20, 2016


So I swore off Facebook for the new year.  Well, at least for awhile.  I happened to look back in my "on this day" memories, and I saw that I had rung in all the even-numbered years with a facebook fast.  Not wanting to break tradition, I decided to go for it again.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'll tell you that I still play FarmVille 2 here and there.  But I don't browse the feed, I don't look at anyone's pages, and I even took the fb app off my phone.

I knew I spent a lot of time staring aimlessly at my phone for fb-related things, but I wasn't expecting so much time to suddenly be freed up.  It's an interesting feeling.  Partially, I feel like an idiot for becoming one of those mindless drones that stares at their phone, blocking out all external stimuli.  But then there's this part of me that's always glad to learn a lesson- even if in that lesson I realize that I'm a total doofus.

Also, for the first time in a long time, I've felt like I had something to actually sit and write about.  It's like social media has sucked up all my creative brain powers, leaving me with nothing but an empty head and unseeing eyes.  I'm not thrilled at the amount of time it took to figure this out.

Another interesting tidbit is that I have this rather expensive smartphone that now seems nearly useless to me because I don't need it in my hand constantly anymore.  Yes, I still make calls and send texts....but compared to the time spent browsing facebook, the time I spend actually communicating with real, live people seems pretty small.  It's a funny thought, because I've looked at my phone several times in the past 20 days and thought, "what do I need this for anymore?"  I only pay $12/month, so at least that's better than what I know most people around me are paying.

I realized how much we all revolve around what we see on social media.  At least once a day, someone says to me, "did you see what so-and-so posted on facebook?"  Before, the answer was usually yes.  Now, obviously, I'm out of the loop.  But I don't feel out of the loop.  Or, perhaps more accurately, I just don't really care about the loop anymore.  I like the fact that I'm probably going to have to make extra effort to connect with people in real life....and I'm totally OK with this.

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